Li-ion 18650 3S4P 11.1V 10.4Ah Battery Pack with PCM and Leading Wires

11.1V Li-ion rechargeable battery made of 12PCS of high quality Cylindrical 18650 cells with PCB and leading wires

Cell: 18650-26H (High quality Samsung 18650)
Capacity: 10400mAh
Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Pack: 3S4P 11.1V 10.4AH
Pack: PVC Shrink tube
Prewired: AWG 22# Leading wires(as per customer's requirement)
Weight: 600g
Charging Voltage: 12.6V CC/CV
Maximal continuous operating current: 10A(Recommanded less than 5A)
Over charge protection:
Over charge detection voltage: 4.28V +/- 0.025V
Over charge release voltage: 4.08 +/- 0.025V
Over discharge protection:
Over discharge detection voltage: 3.0V +/- 0.05V
Over discharge release voltage: 3.0V +/- 0.05V
Over Current protection
Short circuit protection:
Exterior Short Circuit and can be automatic recovery
Operating Temperature:
Charging temperature: 0 +/- 45 C degrees
Discharging temperature: -20 +/- 60 C degrees
Storage temperature: -20 +/- 45 C degrees


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