Medical Battery Pack 14.8V 7.8Ah with Protection PCM and Flying Leads

No. Items Parameters Remark
1 Voltage 14.4V  
2 Capacity 7.8Ah 0.2C discharge after full charge
3 Charge Voltage 16.8V+/-0.1V  
4 Impedance 150 max
5 Charging method CC--CV constant current to constant voltage
5 Charging current 2A normal charge
4A fast charge
6 Charging Time 8H  
7 Over charge 16.8V+/-0.5V  
8 Over discharge 12V+/-0.5V  
9 Discharge current 10A normal discharge
15A max discharge
10 Short circuit Recover after removing the short circuit load
11 Operation consumption current 20uA (Max)  
12 Working Temperature charging -20~45
discharging -20~65
13 Size 40X40*210mm at Max  
14 Cycle Life 800 cycels after 800 cycles remain 80% capacity
15 Certification UN38.3 UL MSDS  
16 Storage Temperature -5 - 35 Storage capacity shoul be keep 40%~50% capacity

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